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    This past monday President Obama released his budget allowing funds for legal sales of marijuana in Washington D.C. After the 2014 November elections D.C. was announced to have the most votes in favor of legalization so far. Immediately after the vote passed congress intervened by changing their budget which would block local governments from using funds to enact the new law. Basically legal marijuana was approved, congress wasn't happy, so they found a loop hole to keep marijuana sales from happening. The new budget created by Obama removes restrictions which congress created in decembers budget blocking the city from money made on pot sales.


    By adding the word federal to certain parts of the budget local funds could be allocated toward enacting laws regulating tax and marijuana sales. Although the budget was proposed this only the start. This proposal must be accepted by committees from both chambers of congress. Lets also not forget the large amount of anti-pot politicians doing everything in their power to stop legal marijuana. Despite anti-politicians we still won the vote in November and the presidents on our side. It may be a tough fight but certainly a fight worth winning!


    Over at Head Shop Stop everyones favorite online head shop we have compiled a bunch of sweet dabbing videos! Check out cool people hitting their micro concentrate dab rigs and others creating scenes that are funny as hell!

    Who needs a dabber when you have a nice glob?

    This chick is getting crafty and using her ceramic carb cap as a dabber!

    Can you dab to the beat?

    Not everyone can handle it!

    Who knew? Lol.

    Getting hype over dank wax.

    Hope you were as amused as myself, if you have any videos you think are worthy enough to be on this post send them our way and we'll add them!

  • Year of Marijuana

    2014 has been a historical year for the legalization of marijuana in various forms. Hours after the clock struck twelve in 2014 for the first time in history recreational sales of marijuana became legalized. Marijuana sales brought in a whopping $573 million dollars which was followed with an up roar in state taxes and fees. Legalizing recreational marijuana sent a message that legalizing works and is doing more good than harm.

    After a few successful months in Colorado, Washington jumped on the band wagon for selling and distributing marijuana. Although they had more of a bumpy start because of attempts to extinguish the states medical marijuana community they still made it happen.

    The most recent legalization for marijuana hit simultaneously in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. All three states went to a vote and passed excluding Florida which fell slightly short of the 60 percent needed for passage. You can check out more details on the most recent elections here. This trend of marijuana legalization is on an upward path with a hopeful outcome of all states eventually being legal.

    The major obstacle for recreational dispensary owners will be finding a way to direct customers to their stores and away from their dealers and medical dispensaries. Right now taxes make most recreational dispensaries much more expensive then just buying from your local dealer. Although recreational shops cost more money the added convenience of marijuana dispensaries would make it worth the extra buck.

    This past year has been the year of marijuana and by next year we hope to see more and more states fighting for legalization. If nature is illegal how can freedom exist? Legalizing marijuana can help grow the economy and help sick people get better. Although it might not be the only way to do so it's probably the most enjoyable alternative!

  • Choosing the Best Dab Rig

    If your not up on the dabbing game you must know this stuff is serious! That is..serious in a good way of course. Dabbing involves cooking mary jane into a waxy oil substance that when pressed and smoke against a dab rig, will have you on your ass.

    When choosing dab rigs you have many options. For a complete list of dabbing terms and meanings you can click here. Dab rigs are available in 10, 14, and 18/19mm which is the measure of the pipes joint. Once you choose the size of your rig you must grab a nail to dab from which is available in quartz, glass, ceramic and titanium. For heavy use I recommend titanium nails and for best tasting dabs you should go with ceramic. Nails are the piece that goes in the joint and are available in 10, 14 and 18/19mm. All in one nails are made to fit any rig by simply adjusting the piece to fit different rigs. All-in-one nails are available in ceramic and titanium and will adjust to any rig you have. Next you will need to get your hands on a torch which is used to heat up the joint and nails so your dab will roast nicely. The last necessity for dabbing is the dabber itself which is also available in glass, quartz, steel and titanium. If your like me and want all the smoke you can get, a carb cap should be first on your concentrate utensil list. Although you don't need a carb cap their awesome! Carb caps will go over the dome and save any smoke from escaping after a dab.

    Another important component is what type of percolator you'd prefer, if your prefer one at all. Percolators give smoother hits and allow more smoke to infiltrate to your lungs. The best dab rig would be made from high quality glass with a titanium nails and titanium carb cap. Combining good quality products with dank dabs will give you the best buzz! Popular percs are honey comb, fritted and shower heads. Now that you know all the types of dab rigs you'll be sure to make the right choice!

    concentrate-dab-rig This entry was posted in Culture on December 11, 2014 by headshopdude.



    Did you ever wish you could get paid roll blunts all day? Waka Flocka Flame, a famous rap artist is accepting applications for a professional blunt roller. His instagram post stated "I'm paying 50k a year for a blunt roller… Hashtag #ICANROLL." Since the picture was posted over 60,000 people have applied and the applications keep ROLLING IN!


    Although all the job requires is professional rolling skills don't think you won't have your work cut out for you. Waka Flocka probably smokes blunts every hour and is sure to only smoke only the good stuff. The best part is not only rolling blunts but getting to travel everywhere with this famous rap icon. I'm curious to see how he will judge his applicants, especially considering the odds of getting accepted are so unlikely. If you think you have what it takes post a picture on instagram and hash tag it #icanroll. When you work for a restaurant you get free meals so does working for Waka Flocka mean you get free weed? I'd sure hope so, if not you could get some yourself with a whopping 50k salary. Be sure to stay tuned for the winner because we're waiting!

  • New States Reach Marijuana Legalization


    After recent elections, marijuana is now legal in Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia! Alaska normally leans more conservative however the vote for marijuana was definitely not conservative. Florida's vote did not pass because they were required a majority of 60% and only reached a little over 57%. Oregon will be enforcing the law in July of 2015. Oregon must first create regulations and rules for pot sales throughout the state. Oregon plans to look closely at both Colorado and Washington to learn from their mistakes and devise a better plan. As for right now Oregon will allow possession, manufacturing and sales for people 21 years of age and older. Alaska like Oregon will be allowing sales and possession of marijuana for those over the age of 21. Washington D.C. is doing things a bit different by not allowing sales but only possession of no more than 2 ounces for those 21 and older. Washington D.C. plans on putting this law into effect as long as the federal government does not succeed in trying to block this. Since Washington D.C. is a district not a state congress has the right to overrule laws, on Wednesday they made it clear they plan to do just that. If congress has their way they will block this law and keep marijuana illegal. Also keep in mind as of right now the law allows possession of marijuana for up to 2 ounces but does not permit sales. Other states likely to pass marijuana in the near future include Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. With three more legalized areas of the United States we hope this propels an upward momentum toward worldwide legalization! As for Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. make sure you grab your glass pipes, water pipes, dab rigs and concentrate utensils and go nuts! We will keep you updated on new policies and procedures as well as whats soon to come.

  • 8 Stoner Halloween Costumes

    What better way to express your love for Mary Jane then dressing the part on Halloween! When else is it acceptable to wear a pot leaf and roam the streets for candy, or even visit a friends house? Here we have created a list of the most popular and sort after stoner halloween costumes:


    A Bag of Weed: This is a classic stoner halloween costume. Simply fill up a large clear bag with green and your sure to be everyones favorite costume. Now if you fill up the bag with real weed you'll most definitely be the hit of the party!


    Cheech and Chong: If you don't know who Cheech and Chong are you deserve to have your marijuana card revoked. This dynamic duo of comedians are the most popular comedic stoners around. For this costume you'll need suspenders a bandana and a good sense of humor.


    Medical Marijuana Nurse Jane: Everyone loves the sexy nurse costume, but lets be honest it's played out. One way to revamp this costume is to throw a few potleafs on it and add some extra green. Nothing says sexy like a tight revealing nurse outfit covered in pot leafs. If you really want to win the crowd, I'd suggest bringing some marijuana to dispense to your friends.


    Pot Leaf: Go all natural with the pot leaf costume. This costume can be purchased from a store like in the picture above or, created by cutting and sewing leafy green fabric.


    Blunt: Everyone loves a nice blunt, personally I prefer using dab rigs but when smoking flower every once and a while a dutch will do. This costumes simple to make, just wrap yourself in a brown sheet and where some green shoes!


    Rasta Man: Dude, everyone loves the Rasta man they're always high and straight chillen! Dress up as a Rasta man and be prepared to have a laid back stress free night consisting of lots of laughs, smoking and random people coming up to you saying "yaaaaah mon!"


    Pipe: One of my favorites especially when you take the time to really craft yourself into a life sized functional pipe! Ok maybe the pipe won't really smoke but it's still my favorite costume done so far.


    Weed Man: Weedman is in, superman is out! Fly high into the party with your weed man costume and save the day!

    Whats missing from all these comical stoner costumes? A Dab Rig of-course! Every possible way of smoking has been transformed into a costume besides the most sort after smoking device..Dab Rigs. What I suggest you do now, is be a pioneer and lead the way for all the dab heads! You can really have fun with this costume by creating a tool belt filled with dabbers, concentrate nails and even domes! Don't forget stash jars, claim catchers and good quality oil! If you dress as the first ever dab rig for halloween please send a picture I'd love to see it!


    Having trouble sketching up and creating your latest inspiration? Take a few rips from your dab rigs or chill out for a few with a your vape pens. Whatever your favorite smoking device it doesn't matter just use it. Jay-z was quoted from XXL Magazine claiming that smoking weed is how he finished "Izzo." Most artists use weed as a creative outlet to calm the mind and let in the thoughts.

    First off I can't tell you how many great friendships started off with a blunt. When smoking with your friends you never know where the conversation will go. Sometimes its filled with small eyes big smiles and ridiculous laughing. Other times its more philosophical and deep emotions come out you may not have ever had the courage to talk about sober.

    As you know medical marijuana is being legalized everywhere, more case studies are conducted everyday proving how beneficial marijuana is for treating illness. Medical marijuana can help with illness such as glaucoma, seizures, anxiety, parkinson's and many more. Cannabis oils are most popular with treating health issues some use vape pens others use oil rigs.

    It's highly recommended smoking with your partner to really reap the benefits of connecting better. If only one of you get high it's not as likely to work. Whether you need to just have a good laugh with your partner or a cuddle sesh smoking is definitely the way to get there.

    Ever fight with your partner/biff/family member and just don't want to hear what they have to say? Ok thought so, well try taking a few dabs off your dab rigs and you may see the things a bit more clear. Sometimes people are just to much and a few tokes is all you need to easily forget why you were mad.

    Everyone knows smoking enhances the beat and makes you more in tuned to the lyrics. Some of the best music was written by artists under the influence of weed. For some strange reason music sounds so much better when your high, just like cheese fries taste amazing after a nice toke.

    Wait..did someone say cheese fries?

  • Getting Stoned at Work

    Ever roll into work looking around the room thinking, damn is everyone high? It may be possible your suspicion is on point! There has been a recent study conducted on Survey Monkey stating nearly 10 percent of American workers have went to work stoned.

    Your probably sitting back in your computer chair thinking, I knew I was right. Most likely if your reading this article posted by one of the best online head shops you are stoned too. Your probably at work right now, high off your ass thinking "this place would be so much better if everyone was stoned." A little toke of your water pipe or dab from a dab rig never hurt anybody!

    Although work may be a better place if everyone was high, most work environments still enforce stricht policies on smoking marijuana. Even though recreationalmMarijuana is legalized in Colorado and Washington your job still has the right to terminate you for getting stoned. Thats right even a vape pen with a little medical marijuana insdie could get you in trouble. A valid point has been made if your prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes isn’t that the same as being prescribed anti-depressants or any other mood stabilizers? The answer is yes but Federal law still says no. Hopefully as legalization grows so will our jobs. It just doesn’t seem right people can drink alcohol recreationally but marijuana is prohibited? Your best bet would be to put down the concentrate rigs and concentrate pipes before work. Although work is probably a much better time when stoned it's not worth losing your job. With marijuana legilazation on the rise its almost a matter of time before weed vending machine are put in the office. Ok thats probably not happening anytime soon but hey one can dream right?



    As the dabbing community continues to grow so does the language and tools. Many are still left out of the loop when it comes to terminology and practices. Whether your a first time dabber, or have experience it’s important to learn the lingo. Below is a list of the most frequently used dabbing terms.


    7:10: Most know 4:20 as the universal toking time. Well now dabbers claimed 7:10. Why 7:10? Turn it upside down and you get OIL.

    Adapter: This is a piece that you place on dab rigs so you can connect different size nails and domes.

    BHO: Butane Hash Oil, this concentrate is made by shooting butane gas through cannabis then purging out the butane.

    Bubble: This is a specific kind of hash that will bubble when smoked.

    Budder: An extract which is made into a creamy butter like texture.

    Budder-Faced: Unlike the joke of a girl having a budder face(every things cute budd-her-face) this is actually a good term. Having a budder face is getting super stoned off cannabis budder.

    Carb Caps: Carb caps are used to cover the nail of a dab rig so no smoke gets away after a dab.

    Concentrates: Any kind of cannabis plant material which is extracted. Some examples include hash, bubble hash, oil, wax, shatter and a few more.

    Dab: Putting extract onto a dabber(wand or pick) to be smoked using dab rigs. Literally you put extract on a wand and dab around an oil rig.

    Dabber: A wand or stick used to hold the extract around a dab rigs nail. Dabbers can be made of glass, stainless steel or titanium.

    Dabbing: The process of smoking concentrates from a nail, shovel or swing. This is done by pressing a dabber against the heated dab rigs nail and inhaling the smoke the heat extracts from the oil.

    Dish: A dish comes in many sizes and shapes. They are usually made from glass or silicon and this is where you keep your concentrates when dabbing.

    Dome: This piece is part of the dab rigs components. The dome is placed over the nail which is connected to the dab rigs base, domes keep the smoke from spreading outside of the rig. The more smoke the better the hit!

    Domeless Nail: Specific types of nails which capture and save smoke by having a outer disk or holes around the actual nail.

    Errl: Slang for BHO. Basically saying Errl is like saying oil with an accent and BHO is the same as oil. Get it? Ok good.

    E-Pen: These are vaporizing pens created to smoke vaping extracts.

    Extraction Tubes: These are glass tubes used to stuff the herb in and melt down your herb so you can transform it into some dank ass oil.

    Goo: Simply describing any kind of concentrate which is sticky or gooey.

    Glob: Taking an extra large dab. (You know you want a glob!)

    Kief: A dry, powdered concentrate derived from sieving cannabis over mesh.

    Melt: Special kind of hash that will dissolve down to nothing when smoked and not leave any leftovers on your nail.

    Nail: A spike that is used to smoke concentrates by placing the nail into the dab rigs. Nails are mostly made of ceramic, glass, titanium or quartz.

    Dab Rig: A pipe used to smoke concentrates. The bowl is replaced with a nail and dome where you place the concentrates.

    Reclaim: Extra oil which builds up inside your dab rig after smoking. The reclaim is like a resin which can be smoked by gently heating the glass with a torch. (They make special reclaim catchers which can connect to your oil rig.)

    Sha-buddder: Instead of whipping the shatter, you place it on low heat for an extended time and it will turn into a butter like texture.

    Shatter: This is BHO which literally shatters when you remove it from your dish dabber.

    Skillet: Metal plate you can use for dabbing.

    Torch: A blowtorch used for heating up your nail or skillet for a certain amount of time depending on your preference.

    Wand: This is the same name for a dabber which is used to scrape concentrates and press them against a dab rig to smoke.

    Wax: A extremely sticky and pasty textured extract which is similar to ear wax.

    Hopefully after reading these terms you’ll be down with the dabbing dudes. Be sure to check out some of our concentrate utensils at one of the best online headshops on the planet. Now your familiar with these awesome tools, so go treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it! Some of the best concentrate pipes and dab rigs are sold at Why do I say the best, because they’re durable, made from the finest materials and most unique designs.


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