Showerhead to Tree Perc Dual Chamber Ash Catcher

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Take your water pipe to the next level

This scientific glass ashcatcher is a water pipe upgrade accessory that has tons of benefits. The main role of an ashcatcher is to prevent ash from getting in your water pipe. It also adds another layer of filtration by filtering your smoke through the tree perc and showerhead perc before even entering your water pipes percolators. The first chamber has a 7 arm tree perc with 3 horizontal slits on each arm for better filtration and airflow. The second chamber has a showerhead perc for even more diffusion. This ashcatcher fits female joints and uses male bowls.

45 Degree Angled Joint
Female Joint
Dual Chamber Ashcatcher
Fits 14&18mm Female Jointed Water Pipes
Scientific Glass
Showerhead To Tree Perc
Clear Glass
45° Joint
Male Joint
14mm Joint
18mm Joint
Showerhead Perc
Tree Perc
Scientific Glass